December 31, 2002

Yet Another Photo Post...

Yes, I know it's something o'clcok in the morning. I just got home from playing poker. The nicotine of two cigars and the mental adrenaline of driving 40 miles home have got me a bit wired. I'd just stare at the ceiling if I got into bed now.

I played poker at Brad's Place. I had a good time. It was fun to get away from the usual things, meet some new people and drink beers.

We do play for money, but the buy-in is $20 so it's not that much to win or lose.

Here is a picture of the biggest pot of the night. It was the last hand and people were going for broke. The game was 7 card - Pass the Trash - Hi/Lo.

We played at nice tables with real chips. Brad even hung nice lamps over the tables.

This is the final pot. The greens were $2, blues $1, reds 25¢, whites 10¢. The final pot was over $70 and split between Brad & Dave. Nice.

Here's my cashflow during the evening.

While I like to play poker, I'm not a good player. I tend to stay in much longer than I should and it drains my chips. I won several good hands, but lost too many others. I walked away down $20 but it was a good time.

I hope I get a chance to play again soon.

Time for bed now...

Posted by michael at December 31, 2002 02:23 AM