December 29, 2002
22 minutes

I've got 22 minutes to write this up before leaving to pick up Michele at the airport.

Here are a few photos from Christmas Eve. We had a small party for our friends with children to help pass the time until bed for the children.

We decided to make both ham and turkey for dinner. You are looking at a 15 pound turkey and a 12 pound ham. I used the Alton Brown recipe for brining and cooking the turkey. I made a Coca-Cola ham glaze for the ham.

Here I am with my Dad cutting the ham. Note the sweet electric knife I picked up earlier in the day.

In the middle of the party, the washer stopped working. Michele had been washing so new blankets for the the first time and the lint from them blocked up the pumps. In the middle of the party we drained the washer, disassembled the pump, removed the lint, and put it all back together. What a pain in the ass.

The offending ball of lint.

After the guests left, the presents came out. Here is the tree just before we went to bed.

The next morning, Santa had come! He ate cookies, drank milk and left presents for the girls.

More stories & pics later, I gotta run.

Posted by michael at December 29, 2002 04:18 PM