December 22, 2002

I was reading about Lessig's Challenge on geekandproud. While I like the idea of increasing support to groups that fight for the civil liberties, I'm not sure this one is clearly thought out.

These kind of campaigns tend to have some sort of goal or end. Even the kings of money raising, public radio, don't raise money around the clock.

I don't see a end or limit to this challenge. Are people really choosing to double the effective cost of of all audio-visual media, telecommunications, and internet access? Are they willing to do this forever or is there an end in sight? The repeal of the DCMA? The repeal of the Sonny Bono copyright extension act? The collapse of the RIAA/MPAA?

Let's look at the size of a monthly commitment to Lessig's Challenge in my case:

$80 - internet access
$50 - home phone
$80 - mobile phones
$20 - Netflix
$30 - (2) CDs
$20 - (1) DVD
$30 - Set of movie tickets
$35 - DirecTV

There's probably more, but let's add this up. It totals $345. That's a lot of money I just don't don't see people being able to follow through with this kind of spending forever. It sure would nice for the EFF, but I think it is unrealistic.

What's the right level of giving? I dunno. I should probably think on it a bit more. I'm going to go watch the Lessig presentation before commenting more.

Posted by michael at December 22, 2002 10:54 PM