December 20, 2002
Home Day

The girls have terms for the types of days. There are school days and home days. They don't say vacation day, holiday, or weekend. They say home day.

I'm having a home day today while the rest of you wrestle with last minute work issues before the weekend. Muah-ha-ha-ha.

In a previous post, Dee asked in the comments about Burger King tacos. She suggested that BK tacos were going away. The Horror!

I called the local Burger King and they assured me that the tacos were here to stay. Still a bit concerned, I called the Burger King Customer Support line (305) 378-3535 to find out the truth.

I spoke to Nicky at Burger King and she said that there was talk of stopping the sale of tacos at some stores. She said that there were no specifics, but that she could confirm that in some locations, the tacos may be stopping.

I may have to organize a protest. Let me ponder...

On the political tip:
Trent Lott is resigning as Senate Leader. Thank you, thank you. I take full credit for this thanks to my fabulous 'send him a pen' idea.

OK, enough weblogging, I'm off to have fun.

Posted by michael at December 20, 2002 11:19 AM