December 19, 2002

I went shopping last night for gifts. On a Wednesday night, Best Buy was quite crowded... I had a list of what I was looking for, otherwise I would have been sucked into the aisle after aisle of DVDs, games, and other cool stuff.

My father-in-law was along for the trip and he was dsitracted by the plethora of techno-goodness.

We stopped by Zany Brainy to pick up stuff for the girls and got a ton of good stuff. Itold my father-in-law that Michele woudl not approve of my choices. He didn't believe me. So we bet a dollar on it. Of course, Michele disagreed with the majority of my choices and I won the dollar.

For some strange reason, I am still looking to buy GMRS radios. I need to choose between the Motorola and the Uniden options. Any suggestions?

Posted by michael at December 19, 2002 07:37 AM