December 17, 2002
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Okie, dokies. I feel asleep early yesterday night. This resulted in a serious lack of websurfing and nazi-killing....

In a comments thread below, BillB requested the direct link to the Firefly cancellation news. Here's the news from the director Tim Minear. Here's the news from Entertainment Weekly.

My brother Matt did a cool new flash animation for his work. Check it out. Matt's skills are impressive.

Over on Anita's weblog, I found a link to a test to see if you are a PHB (Pointy Headed Boss). Hopefully I fail the test. I think the writer of the test is Anita's husband.

Mister P's fun with his automobile continues. If ever there was a man that needed a wife to straighten him out, it is Mister P.

I was reading about the Creative Commons site today. I'm not sure I understand it fully, but I'm sure someone will explain it to me. From what my cursory glance reveals, it's a method to declare rights to your works in varying levels of control over what people can do with the content. Traditional copyrights are pretty black and white in what people are allowed to do. The Creative Commons people appear to offer shades of grey.

Best. Casemod. Evar.

That's enough for now. I need some sleep.

Posted by michael at December 17, 2002 11:01 PM