December 11, 2002
It's on

Alrighty there loyal readers, how the fuck are you? I'm doing well, but that's probably do to the scotch and too many cookies tonight.

Reader Nick Bloom posted a comment to a Cruftbox entry from October. He sounds like Brad...

Mister P has declared war on a 6 year old girl. I wonder who will win.

Speaking of Mr. P, here's the story of the power of the blog. A few days ago, Mr. P posted a rant on his weblog about the Trio network. Amazingly, he got a response from Hyperactiveman, who just so happens to be working on the rework of the Trio logo. He has promised to keep the comments in mind as he helps design a new logo. A rant out on the wild internet ends up actually having an effect. Amazing.

Star Trek comment: Tonight's episode of Enterprise included a firefight, spaceship chases, dilithium hydroxl, T'pol as a bloodthirsty judge, alien sex in the jungle, and a fist fight. Not one stupid ethical dilemma!

A rare thinking bit:

I was reading Doc Evil's weblog and read this post. Go read it. At first, I thought, wow that's pretty cool, meeting someone who isn't a freak and having a chat. I wondered if it would ever happen to me.

In his post, Doc asks, "I wondered, after Greg was gone if some of my peoples who aren't black go through these same types of things. When they see another yella, another, vanilla, or whatever comin' their way, do they harden up? Are they not acknowledged as another human being on the street?"

At first, I thougth no way. White men aren't allowed to act like that. Can you imagine two white men talking in a public place about how white men need to network and stick together? That's the realm of skinheads and the Klan. White males enjoy tremendous advantanges in American society. The very idea of white men banding together fills many with dread. I can't say I blame them. Groups of white men have done some pretty horrific things in the last 500 years.

So I thought to myself, "Self, this is an experience that you will probably never have." There are many things in life I won't experience and this is one of them I thought.

And then it struck me. White men do have a way of achieving this sense of community. We don't band together by race. There's no reason to and society doesn't much like it. We band together by our hobbies.

We band together around sports teams. We network together around cars. We nod to each other when a hot chick walks by. We group up around technology, be it stereos, power tools, or computers. A man can talk to any other man when they are standing in the same aisle in Home Depot. The normal barriers are gone. Race doesn't matter. All that matters is how cool that Sawzall would be if we bought it. All that matters is our team going to win the game. All that matters is the size of the hooters on that woman.

So, if I'm walking down the street and I see someone with a GPS unit, I'm going to stop and talk to them, just like Greg did with Doc. I'm a geek and I need to give other geeks my respect. Lord knows we don't get much of it from the world.

To my geek brothers out there, much respect. While the rest of the world thinks we are strange, we know that we keep the wheels of society turning. All those nimrods out there that can't stop their VCR from flashing 12:00 and think "Math is hard" are wrong. D&D was fun. Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings are great. Faster computers do make you cool.

And if you disrespect us, we'll crash your fucking computer, deprogram your cell phone, and make you read the instruction manual yourself.

Posted by michael at December 11, 2002 11:32 PM