December 09, 2002
Music -> Fleetwood Mac

Today seemed long and I don't know why. I had a busy weekend, but not overwhelmingly busy. I couldn't get started today.

I did get alot done. My inbox is empty, voicemails cleared, my expense report filed, and my email inbox is down to 30+ messages. For a corporate dude such as myself, these are good things to get done. Tomorrow I need to talk to a few people to get things rollling along.

I'm quite happy that Metsfan has not only updated his weblog, he's gone geocaching.

I saw a post on Yahoo that reports the rumor that Microsoft will offer software for Linux soon. Could it be?

Trikster told me to read the weblog. And so I shall.

Alright, sleep calls me. Time to peel these plastic discs from my eyes and crawl into bed.

Posted by michael at December 09, 2002 10:07 PM