December 09, 2002

Let's see, where to begin...

First, I'm glad to see that Brad is out drinking.

Now, to what I've been up to:

Last week we went on a geocache after I picked up the girls from school. You can read the story of the Gamble House Micro geocache hunt. I'm still finding acorns around the house.

On Friday I picked up some of the foul tasting Harry Potter - Bott's Beans. You can read about the Bott's Beans Tasting

On Saturday I did a lot of yard work, and ended up building a new fence for the side of the house. Here are the images. I'm quite proud of myself.

On Saturday night I went to see Eqilibrium with Martin. Travis had told me about it, and it looked good. It's kind of Farenheight 451 meets Blade 2 meets Minority Report. Travis wrote up a good review that I basically agree with. I was hoping for better, but the movie wasn't as bad as some these days. I would had a bit more of the cool 'gun-kata' action and a little less staring into mirrors.

I'm not sure why the movie was shelved for two years. I would have thought that movie would have done even better after the Matrix, before the rash of films starring the bulletime/wire-fu techniques.

In summary, it's worth the $8.

Today I did a bit more yard work and played with the girls. Based on Cruft readers' suggestions, I stopped by the library and picked up Masters of Deception and The Skystone. I also took the time to watch an hour of the extended version of Lord of the Rings. I tried to explain the Ringwraiths to Zoe, but in the end we settled on a definition of 'scary bad guys on horses'.

That's enough for now. G'night.

Posted by michael at December 09, 2002 12:42 AM