December 02, 2002

Ready? Here we go.

After a several day posting hiatus, I am back. I'm not quite back in the groove, but I'm back.

Thanksgiving was fun. We enjoyed the traditional roasted turkey and a smoked turkey as well. I brined the turkey and Martin smoked it. It was kind of fun to start smoking the turkey the night before. Martin, Casey, & I drank a few beers and poked at the fire for a while. It was nice for me since I went home and went to sleep. Poor Martin was up tending the smoker all night.

My father loved the smoked turkey, so I expect we'll be smoking another one next year.

I finished reading Vanishing Act last week. I really enjoyed it. It was a solid read with a good story arc and plenty of surprises that kept me guessing as to what would happen next. Thomas Perry's writing about the underworld is fantastic. I still think Metzger's Dog is his best story, but this one ranks up with Butcher's Boy and Sleeping Dogs.

On the linkage front, go read this Being Daddy. It's funny 'cause it's true.

Geocaching front: We went geocaching on Sunday. Here's the story of the Where the Wild Things Are cache. I did another geocache today, but I haven't written it up yet.

Children front: As a Hanukah present, we took the girls on a trip to Build-a-Bear. People without children may find this strange.

Technology front: I picked a new toy for Michele. One of the drawbacks of the MSN Companion we have in the kitchen is that it does not play audio. I bought a modded Virgin Webplayer as a replacement. It has a hard drive and Windows 98 installed and is a full computer. After a few minutes of fiddling, I had it playing MP3s and streaming audio. Michele is happy.

Television front: In the last 3 days, I have watched 5 episodes of the Sopranos. I had let them build up in the Tivo and to the point that I was way out of date. I am super-saturated with Sopranos at this point. I think they are going to leave us hanging in the finally and not wrap up any loose ends. All I can say is that Paulie Walnuts is crazy.

Over the last several days, there were several other things that I considered post-worthy, but right now, I am too tired to remember them. More later.

Posted by michael at December 02, 2002 10:44 PM