November 25, 2002

Several loyal Cruft readers have asked questions recently. I will answer.

Q: Ya'll boil crawfish out there??
A: See the story.

Q: tooth fairy LOOT? what are you trying to do?
A: Don't blame me. My idea was for shiny coins only. Scarymommy is the one that insisted on a present. This time it was the Spirit DVD, a pack of sugarfree gum, and two gold dollar coins.

Q: What's the BTU rating on the burner?
A: After extensive research by Top Men, it have been to be 1.21 gigaBTUs.

Q: are those phillies blunts? what are the co-ordinates?
A: Yes, Phillies Blunts we were supposed to smoke on this geocache, but we had already broken several rules and I didn't feel like starting a forest on fire. The new cache is posted.

Q: Your power failed and THEN your UPS thingy failed too?
A: No, we were upgrading the UPS thingy and it broke. We were on the power generator at the time. We didn't lose power, but we did stay up to 2AM fixing the UPS thingie with the replacement whatchamacalit.

Ok, that should answer your questions for now. If you have more, let me know.

For all those concerned, I am working on my holiday greed list, so save your pennies and keep on the alert.

Lastly I would like to remind you TANSTAAFL.

Posted by michael at November 25, 2002 09:01 PM