November 24, 2002
Err, what time is it?

A productive day...

This morning I prepared an ammo box to place for a geocache. I put some good stuff in it.

I placed the cache with the girls at a local park. I'll post the URL once the cache is approved.

We headed down to my parents house for a visit. I spent a large part of the day trying to move my mother's contact database from ACT 2.something on a Umax Mac clone running Mac OS 8.something to Outlook XP on a Dell running Windows XP. What a pain. Trying to explain the issues of data conversion and field parsing to my mother is tiring. Mom cares about the end result, not the method to get there. I did my part, I got her contacts into a modern platform. She can export the database into anything whe wants now.

Other computer support I performed include running Ad-aware on my dad's machine to clean out Gator and some other spyware. I did the WinXP service pack one on my mom's computer. My pay was dinner.

Zoe lost a tooth today while we were at my parent's house. She was quite proud of herself that she pulled it out herself.

When we returned home, I was sent out to get tooth fairy loot. I just happened to go to Target. I just happened to stumble across a turkey fryer on sale. I just happened to buy it.

You ask, "What do you need a turkey fryer for?"

Ah, it's not just good for frying turkeys. It's good for brewing beer and boiling crayfish. I have big plans.

Later. I need to go rub blinding ointment into my eyes.

Posted by michael at November 24, 2002 10:38 PM