November 23, 2002
How do I spell?

I'm sitting here with Mira. She's on her computer, I'm on mine. She's asking me how to spell everything so she can write an email to Bear in the Big Blue House.

LAst night I had to put this special ointment in my eye. Says on the tube "For Corneal Edema". The doctor said when you put it in, your vision will be very blurry for a couple of hours. I put the stuff in and amazingly everything was very blurry. I went to sleep.

In my chat with the doctor, we discussed that if I had to they could do the cornea replacement and then do Lasix and I would have perfect vision. Cornea replacement surgery is not a simple one week recovery like laser surgery. It would probably take six months to a year. I think I'll give it a few more years for the surgeons to hone their skills. Patience. I just have to have patience.

On the gaming front:

I haven't had a good gaming session in a week. Between family, Comdex, and the busted UPS, I haven't had a chance to play many games. Squidly has helped to get me to play with his clan, but I just haven't had a chance.

I guess I should make up a ToDo list so I can get all my RL stuff done and find time for gaming.

Styrofoamkitty is having a bad day.

After a week hiatus, Lukwam is back with a triple post.

Lastly, this will make my brother wonder what's going on.

Posted by michael at November 23, 2002 09:59 AM