November 18, 2002

I'm at Comdex, sitting in the hotel waiting for breakfast. THe New York, New York hotel has broadband to the room for $10 for 24 hours. I tried wardriving, but I'm up on the 26th floor. I can see two access points, but I can't get a steady signal to attach. I tried...

At the Keynote address, Bill Gates spoke about the Microsoft vision for the future of computing. The Tablet PC was a big thing, and they talked a little more about it. THey also showed the smart monitor. The difference is best described this way: The Table PC is like a cell phone, you can take it with you most places and it will work. The Smart Monitor is like a cordless phone in your house that works great near home, but doesn't is you go too far away. People are going to like these things.

They also showed small devices they called SPOT. Small wirelessly connected items with personalized info. What they showed were small clocks that could recieve data from elsewhere. One of the examples was a smart alarm clock. I thought it was a dud. I did like the smart key chain. I'm the kind of guy that needs a keychain to remind me of times & places I have to be.

Gotta go, time for breafast...

Posted by michael at November 18, 2002 09:27 AM