November 12, 2002
Red Licorice Soda

I was at the supermarket today and while looking for Diet Vanilla Coke, I saw this:

Of course I had to buy it. After chilling for a few hours and once the kids had gone to bed, I cracked it open.

Sure enough, it tastes exactly like Red Vines licorice. Exactly.

Admit it, you wish you had some.

On the wireless front, I need to make a correction. 'tmobile' is not Boingo. Here are the differences:

Boingo is a company offering wireless access in hotels, airports, and cafes. Boingo is led by Sky Dayton, founder of Earthlink. Access costs $8 for a day, $25 for 10 days of the month, and $75 for unlimited access per month.

T-Mobile Hotspot is a company offering wireless access in Starbucks and airports. T-Mobile is the combination of Voicestream and Deutche Telecom. Access costs $3 plus 25ยข/minute, $30/month unlimited local access, $50/month unlimited national access.

Make sense?

BTW, here's a picture of my antenna in the car window as I wardrive:

On another turbo-geek note, I broke down and went with the guys from work to Best Buy after lunch. I bought both Episode II (Widescreen) and Lord of the RIngs (Extended Edition). I know, I'm weak. But I have a feeble excuse... Michele had never seen Episode II and she is watching it now, as I type for the first time.

Long day. Tomorrow is longer. Time to rest.

Posted by michael at November 12, 2002 10:03 PM