November 08, 2002
A glorious day

Today started out wonderfully. It was raining all night and when I awoke, the rain was still pounding. The girls climbed into bed with Michele & me to snuggle and listen to the rain fall.

One of the strange attributes of Southern California denizens is that we actually like it rains, especially the first big rain of the year. I can't explain why, but it happens. Even people born elsewhere begin to feel this way after living in SoCal for a while.

Yesterday, that the infamous 4x4 lunch, I even talked about the joy of climbing up the ladder in the rain to clear the leaves from the rain gutter.

Today I had the pleasure of actually doing it. Much to Michele's chagrin, I climbed up the ladder in my good raincoat and tossed the leaves blocking the drain onto the lawn. The satisfying woosh sound told me it was going to be a good day.

Work was OK. My meeting load was at a minimum and I was able to actually get some work done. I had a good trip at lunch to the electronics store and then to Poquito Mas.

The book I'm reading,
, is really getting going. After 200 pages of Ludlum style spy tradecraft, the magic side of the story is kicking in. It's cool stuff. I'd say more, but that might ruin it.


Cool graphic from Amazon, eh?

Posted by michael at November 08, 2002 08:09 PM