November 06, 2002
Gotta get back in my groove

OK, it's been a rough couple days, but it's time to update ye olde weblog.

The Election: What can I say that hasn't been said. I'm disappointed. I'm frustrated. Others have written good things about the effects of this election so I won't go over those points here. It simply sucks...

Today I was trying to figure out why I had the sinking feeling in my gut. The reality is that as a highly paid white married man with children, the direct effects of the GOP control of government won't target me or my family. I'm the kind of person they want happy. I thought to myself, "Why do I care about this so much?" "Why can't I just let this go? I'll never need an abortion or Medicaid, or hopefully Social Security."

Then the answer came to me. It's not that I disagree so much with the ideas. I do disagree, but not to dramatic levels. The real issue is that the Republicans appear to me to always, ALWAYS, lying about the real reasons behind their policies.

It's the thought that our government is run by a group that surrounds themselves in deception and duplicity that fills me with dread.

They are lying about the reason to invade Iraq.
They are lying about the environment.
They are lying about privatizing Social Security.
They are lying about the Patriot Act.
They are lying about tax cuts and the economy.
They are lying about widespread corporate fraud.
They are lying about role of religion in government.
They are lying about the War on Drugs.
They are lying about EVERYTHING.

If they simply told the truth behind what they were doing to the public, I might not feel as if the wool was pulled over the country's eyes. My fear is that the Republicans have just run an elaborate con game on the country and the country is to oblivious to realize this.

After I expressed my loathing of Bush & the GOP to a Republican friend, he told me, "Now you know how I felt for 8 years when Clinton was President." Payback is a bitch.

My brother and many others are pissed at their fellow American citizens for not voting. Personally, I wish every citizen did vote, I don't think we can lay the results of the election at their feet. People have the right to not use their rights if they want.

Enough of the political talk. It's not my strong suit. I lost $40 betting on the election. I need to stick to the things I know to get my mind and body back in good shape.

In an all too common "wow, it's a small world" occurance, Styrofoamkitty was reading my weblog and saw my South Pasadena t-shirt. Long term Cruft readers know that I live in the tiny town of South Pasadena, surrounded on all sides by the behemoth cities of LA, Pasadena, and Alhambra. It seems that Styrofoamkitty used to live in So. Pas. during her high school years. Currently she lives somewhere near DC in my brothers group of DC bloggers.

She mentioned the street address of her old house and it's on my way to work.

Here's her old house:

It's a tiny, itsy-bitsy world with the net tying us together.

The Gaming Front:

I've been playing Battlefield 1942 and the RtCW mod Wild West. I enjoy them both greatly, and they help get me into an alpha state in my mind. The relaxation I get from gaming helps me stay sane. Sounds strange, but it's true.

The blood patch for Battlefield 1942 makes a big difference in gameplay. I'm hoping they make it part of the next game patch.

Here are a couple funny links I saw on Metafilter that you might enjoy:
Anakin's Switch
Dems Strategy Working

Michele is home from the last of six quilt shows this year. I am happy to have her home for a while. Once again I get to enjoy being in the study with her, me on my computer, her making art (currently making beaded necklaces), and the both of us listening to Loveline on the radio. If only I could get her to update her weblog.

Speaking of weblogs, I was reading Anita Rowland's weblog and saw this post about a public weblog discussion. Too bad it's in Seattle.

I was reading SeaDoc's weblog and saw a cool link to screen shots from Longhorn, the post-XP operating system from Microsoft.

Lastly, one good thing that came out of my lunch meeting was hearing about I think there is no limit to the details of celebrity life that America wants to know about.

OK, time to play some BF1942.

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