November 02, 2002

I'm currently sitting with Mira on the couch. She's watching Inspector Gadget and I've got the laptop. We are both under the blanket and it is quite cozy.

What a week. Birthdays, Halloween, and lots of news.

First of all, go visit my new friend, Metsfan, at his weblog. He needs the hits for incentive. A few comments would hurt either. Tell him you love Windows, he's a big fan of Windows.

It also appears that Mrs. Diggs is posting a bit, and so is Martin. Alas, my wife appears to be taking month-long breaks between entries. My single brother has attracted women groupies to his site by talking about candy often.

This week Jam Master Jay was killed. For those that don't know, Jay Master Jay was one of the founders of RUN-DMC, an early rap band that Matt and I used to listen to while growing up here in LA. I was reading a message board when I saw a post about him being killed. I checked several news sites and didn't see any confirmation. Gabe, the poster, lives in Queens and insisted it was true. He runs weekly Shoutcast radio show and decided to rebroadcast the local radio program that was talking about the news. With a couple clicks, I could hear the local New York radio over the internet. I could hear the DJs talking about it and choking back tears. The people from the message board were also in an IRC channel discussing the news. We got tired of listening to the radio show and Gabe began playing various RUN-DMC songs. Since I am the old-school rap listener, I was able to call out the assorted old tunes that the young guys didn't know about. It was interesting that this sort of instant community is possible due to the internet. The world just keeps getting smaller.

I laughed when I saw the site, I thought it was hilarious. It was only a matter of time before buyyourowndamntampons appeared in response. Reading these sites makes me wonder why people get married.

OK, time to go take a shower. Zoe's soccer game is at 11 and I need to get the ball rolling. I need to invent a way to drink coffee while in the shower. I'd be rich. Better yet, a way to write your weblog while in the shower...

Lastly, Here's an image of my home network that drew up. Why post this? Because I'm a geek and I think it's cool.

Posted by michael at November 02, 2002 09:22 AM