October 07, 2002
So close, yet so far...

Michele returns home in a little over 20 hours. After a full week of being a full time dad, I am ready for the arrival of my partner from her trip to Virginia.

The girls are currently in the tub. A 5 mintue break from the action.

I completly replaced the internal workings of the toliet today in my attempt to fix a leak. It was to no avail. After finished the replacement, I still saw a leak. It appears that the one thign I did not replace, the cutoff valve sticking out of the wall, is the leaky bit. To fix theat means anohter trip to the hardware store and then shutting off water to the entire house while I remove and replace the value. That is assuming I can get the valve off. It's probably been on there for 30 years. If I can't get it off easily, I'm going to call in the plumber. I do not want to fuck up the pipe in the wall or crack the tile. Where's my WD-40?

OK, time to get the girls out of the tub.

Posted by michael at October 07, 2002 07:49 PM