September 25, 2002
Linux Success

At the office, the five day attempt to install Gentoo Linux ended in victory. After giving it a good try, I continued to get a kernel panic upon boot. Our resident hacker, Yoshi, was unable to unfuck it as well. I gave it a shot and I like the idea behind Gentoo, but unless you are already a *nix guru, don't attempt it.

I pulled out the Mandrake Linux CDs and reinstalled that. Fairly smooth. I struggled a bit the rpmdrake software manager. On a whim I installed the Ximian/Gnome Desktop. I loved the fact that the install was a command line instruction for lynx to run a script remotely. That install was smooth as glass. I then checked out Gnome for the first time in several years. Holy Finland! IT looks great now. Back when I chose side in the great KDE/Gnome debate, Gnome looked terrible. Now it looks great. I played with the Red Carpet software manager. Red Carpet is incredible. It is, dare I say, easier to use than Windows. More today in my quest to get Evolution working as a corporate mail client with our Exchange servers.

I finally got the license for Spam Assassin at work yesterday. I've been using it at home and it does a fantastic job of blocking Spam. Hopefully this morning I will find a small Inbox and full Junk Mail folder. It's well worth the money.

This morning I spent my 30 minutes on the stationary bike in the garage and watched the end of the Better Off Dead DVD. THe movie finished with about 5 minutes left to ride. I was quite pissed off that there were no bonus materials on the disc. What a ripoff! You know there were some good deleted scenes and outtakes from that flick.

The weather here is quite strange. It's foggy, there is ash falling from the sky due to the fires in the hills, and it's supposed to hit 90+ degrees today. When does Autumn arrive? I'm ready!

Lastly, there's a great movie from Ikea. It's worth the download wait. Click on the TV.

Posted by michael at September 25, 2002 07:55 AM