September 23, 2002
So I know...

So I know I should be working, but what the hell. The fargin plans for the email migration and the latest round of signatures can wait.

So I ask you all if you like the linkage at the top of the page. What response do I get? My mom posts that she likes the old way better. I'm shocked! Mom isn't down with change? Who would have thunk? Brad walks into my office and says he doesn't like the link of weblogs on the top. Just two people?

In any case, after looking a few other sites, I realize that my design skills are PATHETIC!

Take a look at Escribitionist, Very Big Blog, and Doc Evil. Go ahead, look. I'm be here when you get back...

See how their shit just sings style and attitude? My stuff sings 'engineer learning basic CSS'.

Enough bitching, I need to finish up around here.

Lastly, I finished creating my mother's weblog last night. The URL is supra-sekkrit until she want's it public. Heaven help us.

Posted by michael at September 23, 2002 04:31 PM