September 19, 2002

I came up with a new word today.


I'm sure others have used it before, but I don't care. It's roughly defined as an adjective that describes a noun as extemely shitty.

Common usage would be something like, "I had a shittastic day.", or, "I'm feeling shittastic."


As seen on Metafilter, if you live in Indiana, find this woman and drag her to the police station. I really would like you to beat her senseless, but that could be considered inciting violence. Just get her away from the child.


Send good mojo to Martin. His computer is having a shittastic day after being infected by a virus. We're hoping his OS is not completely fuxxored, but it may be. Send your positive mojo.


A few people have asked for link buttons. As ususal, I have done a shittastic job with my key graphic program, PhotoDeluxe.


If you don't like them, then make me something better.

Lastly before I get up from the computer to get another scotch to counter my shittastic day, here's a repost from a post I made at Metafilter about Bush's proposed war on Iraq.

Do you know where Saddam got the VX nerve gas, the anthrax, and his military hardware?

Reagan and Bush sold them to him in the 80s. The goal was to get access to Iraq oil reserves.

Now, Bush & Cheney want access to the Iraq oil reserves again. They can't buy Saddam off with with more weapons ("It wouldn't be prudent."), so then need to invade and let Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, and others get to work.

It's all about oil.

It's not about WMD.
It's not about freedom.
It's not about UN resolutions.
It's not about American security.

It's all about GREED.

I can only hope that America wakes up to the hijacking of our country by Bush/Cheney.

OK, I'm getting up for more scotch and my Blade II DVD now. Later.

Posted by michael at September 19, 2002 09:24 PM