September 13, 2002
Friday Evening...

It's around 7:30 on Friday evening. We just got back from soccer practice and the girls are winding down from the post-practice snack. They are playing Elmo's letter adventure on the Paystation.

I checked fileplanet, and sure enough, Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo is available. I'm d/ling it now. 21 minutes to go!

Michele's out of town, so once I wash the girls and put them to bed, it's gaming time. I think I'll even drink a beer.

Time to get off my lazy ass and go start the shower.

A few items of note:

Please welcome in the weblog world, GroovyMom. Our good friend Colleen has joined the extrovert crowd. She hasn't posted much, but I'm sure she'll have a story or two to tell.

My mother is considering creating her own weblog. Anyone have suggestions for the name?

Posted by michael at September 13, 2002 07:51 PM