September 12, 2002

Since I now have access to cheap hosting and domain names cost me $8 I have way too much freedom to do silly things.

One of those silly things is create

As you may know, Binaryblocks was a web hosting reseller that went out of business by not paying their bills. I had been using Binaryblocks, and had recommended it to friends and family. When they went out of business, they caused trouble & headache for me and thousands of others.

To give people a place to vent their anger and discuss solutions to problems, I created I'll post up a few documents later, but for now, I've installed a forum where people can post whatever they want.

On a side note, Michele headed out for a quilting expedition this morning at 4AM. She is going to be helping at a show and visiting her grandmother. Me and the girls are going to be having some fun until she returns on Sunday. We intend to leave clothes on the floor, play computer games, and not vacuum. Well, maybe I'll vacuum just befroe she returns to avoid the wrath.

Posted by michael at September 12, 2002 07:28 AM