September 02, 2002
Griefers hit the front page

For to many years, I played online games and found my calling fighting the players that tried to hurt other players. I wrtoe up many stories about these fights. After 4 years, I finally burned out on the nightly routine and decided to take a break. The grief players have not.

After 5 years, grief players have made the front page. I guess when the big money of Sony & Microsoft gets involved it takes on a financial risk. This morning's LA Times has a front page article about online grief players. (You can use the username/pass of cpunks/cpunks to get in.)

Old habits die hard. The first thing I did after reading the article was get on the computer and try to track down the griefer, Kurt Frerichs, mentioned by name in the article. What I would do when I tracked him down, I'm not sure. But the urge to go after him with vengance was strong. I found a few things, but nothing that clearly tied the Kurt Frerichs mentioned in the article with the Kurt Frerichs I found via searches.

Posted by michael at September 02, 2002 10:01 AM