August 22, 2002
The Power of Persuasion

Rather than simple wait like corn in the field for my contacts to arrive, I decided to do something about it. I called CibaVision, makers of the special SoftPerm lenses I need to see. I called the general information number, determined to get the answers I needed.

Rather than use the tough, but effective, 'man-who-won't-take-no-for-an-answer' method, I opted for the 'quiet-and-pleasant-but-persistant' method instead. After repeating the phrase, "Good afternoon, I'd like to speak to someone about your SoftPerm contact lenses." to five different people and enduring lengthy wait times while on hold, I finally reached a woman who told me she could answer my questions. After explaining the situation and asking how long the contact lenses should take to make, she said words I have not heard in a while from a customer support person. She said, "Mr. Pusateri, let me try to help you out." She asked the name and number of my eye doctor and called his office.

She called back and said that unfortunately my specific lens was unavailable anywhere in the world, but that there was a set of tolerance lenses in Canada. A tolerance lens is a lens that would fit my eye correct and be comfortable, but would not correct my vision entirely. It would be something that would let me look at a computer or find things in a room. She had requested them be shipped to my eye doctor and said they shoudl arrive mid-next week.

Viola! Ask and ye shall receive. I can only hope the new Rx for the the shape of these lenses works. More news as it happens.

Speaking of corn fields, here's the scene from the backyard.

Another month or two and we'll be eating California corn...

Posted by michael at August 22, 2002 08:04 PM