August 16, 2002
Power Tools

In my last post I mentioned how great my wife was for squeezing in painting when the girls weren't home. This morning I walked out back and caught a glipse of a familiar blue color. Yep, it was a blue Makita tool case. Hrrm, I own a few Makita tools, but I don't have a case like that.

I walked over and noticed my Black & Decker sander next to the blue case. It's the sander I used to redo the spa a while ago. I opened the case to find a new Makita sander just like the one we already had.

I asked Michele if she bought the new sander. I knew she had, but I wanted to hear her reasoning. She said that Len and I had 'runined and broke' the old sander and that she needed a new one. I asked her how she could have bought a new power tool without me. I mean c'mon of all the shopping we do about the only thing I like to shop for is electronics and power tools. She gets to make all the other choices. She told me to shut up and go to work.

Now I'm at work and I don't know which sander she bought. I bet she didn't even know how many choices she had...

Posted by michael at August 16, 2002 09:40 AM