August 15, 2002
Three pictures

Michele's been busting her ass in the house. The kids are going off to camp during the days, leaving time for Michele to do what she wants. What she wants to do redo the girls room.

She's been painting the girls room as part of the redo. The kids leave the house around 8 AM. Once they leave she them moves most of the furniture out, masks off the room and paints. She has until the afternoon to get it painted, clean up the mess, and put all the furniture before the kids come home.

She painted half the room on Wednesday and the rest of it today. She rocks.

We harvested a few carrots from the backyard garden last weeked. Their size is fairly small. I'm hoping the corn does better than this. it's about two feet tall at this point. Time for some miracle-gro.

Also on the weekend, we saw this. I had heard jokes about this but I didn't really believe it. Yes, that's braille instructions on a drive-up ATM. You'd have to be in the driver seat to touch/read it. WTF?

Today at the office I was in meetings from 9Am to 5:45PM. 5 different meetings. I didn't even get to read my work email today. I'm sure it's going to be a big pile tommorrow.

Posted by michael at August 15, 2002 11:52 PM