July 28, 2002
Happy Birthday to Me

I am currently sitting outside, wirelessly connected to the internet. The girls are playing in the spa and I am sitting in front of them playing lifeguard.

One of my birthday presents was router/print server/wireless access point. Thanks Mom & Dad! I had been eyeing it for a while since it would solve a few problems I was facing like running out of IP addresses and needing a networked printer. The wireless is just a bonus. Michele's cousin James has moved to LA and he is laptop kinda guy. After my playing with wardriving, I'll be interested to see if anyone wardrives me.

Right now I'm on a work laptop with a 802.11 card. It's good to be a CIO... It is tasty to have a laptop, so I may have to invest in a cheap laptop. Since we'd probably only use it for net access, I'm sure a couple year old model would do. Perhaps a combination of ebay sales and a RL garage sale could raise the cash for Michele and I to snag a bargain.

For those that have issues with their mother-in-law, let me show off. My mother-in-law Marcella is so web saavy that she not only tracked down my Amazon.com wishlist, but see bought me Unreal Tournament 2002. Rock on! It's not even available yet, but she pre-ordered it anyways. Sweet!

I hope my loyal readers have a good day, I intend to!

Posted by michael at July 28, 2002 11:13 AM