July 21, 2002
Sunday night...

Whew, another weekend draws to a close. The kids are sleeping, Michele's up front ready for the season premiere of Sex in the City, and I'm in the study (surprise!) on the computer.

I think my adventures on Saturday took a bit out of me. While I enjoy time in the heat and sun, it does a number on my energy level. I woke up late this morning and could never really get going. I was just out of juice. I played with the girls in the spa, but it didn't help.

Air Mira

Michele took the kids out to the park to go bike riding, but I still couldn't get going. I even had a little spat with Michele over something stupid. Finally I fell asleep up front while the kids were watching Shrek. After a short nap, I woke and felt OK.

I cooked dinner for the kids and gave them a bath. They are tired too.

Well, here are the stories of geocaching on Satuday. There's no picture of the slight sunburn on neck and arms...

Geocache 13 and Geocache 14

One more thing. On Saturday I made shish-kabobs for dinner. I learned the valuable lesson that you cannot cook raw potatos as part of the kabob. You need to cook the potatoes first, then skewer them. Live and learn.

Tomorrow is approaching fast. I'm not looking forward to what it holds. I can't really talk about it, but it's not going to be a good day where I get a lot done. It will involve much sitting in conference rooms being serious.

Posted by michael at July 21, 2002 09:07 PM