July 19, 2002

After work I went to the weblog meetup in Glendale. It was at a billiards place. I grabbed a beer and soon met Susan, the only other person there for the meetup. It turns out that Susan has written several books and is quite web saavy. We chatted for a while about all kind of things. She's a bit more into the weblog community than I am. I tend to skim weblogs rather than visit them on a daily basis.

Martin stopped by, bringing our total to THREE!. Susan took a few pictures, so I think they will appear on her site soon. We chatted a bit more and I order a club sandwich (no tomato, no mayo). Mmmm, tasty.

We discussed that the next meetup should be in Pasadena proper and not in Glendale. Hopefully the group of attendees will grow over time.

OK, gotta go to work.

Posted by michael at July 19, 2002 08:44 AM