July 12, 2002

I'm sitting here with Michele listening to Mixmaster Mike's Spincycle on KROQ. It's the shit!

OK, to other matters...

Earlier I went with a bunch of guys (including Brad) to Galco's, the soda pop store with over 300 available sodas. I had seen it on Unwrapped on FoodTV. It's 15 minutes from work, so we went at lunch.

I ended up buying 4 six-packs of assorted sodas.

Here's the cherry and black cherry soda pop I got for Michele.

A few old favorites in bottles.
Note the full 12 oz. bottle of Coke, not a pansy 8 oz. bottle like you normally see...

And even more to try.

There's nothing like soda pop from a bottle. Cans simply can't compare to the feeling of the bottle. When I was in college we drank out of bottles in the fraternity house. It's a feeling I won't forget.

Posted by michael at July 12, 2002 10:27 PM