July 03, 2002
Yes, I am a turbo-geek

It's 12:30AM and I've got Warcraft 3.

I got to Fry's about 11:30 and was amazed to see a parking lot full of cars. Wow, I guess there will be a few people here.

I went inside and there were Fry's drones greeting people and handing them flyers about special midnight deals on crap. I ignored the tempting model rocket kits and George Foreman grills and walked over to the software section.

Sitting there was a displa with only a few copies of Warcraft left. Not many people around. I grabbed a copy and thought, "Boy, that was easy and it's not even Midnight yet."

The fry's drones began to restock the displays with more copies and then I moved up to the front of the stores and saw what was going on. I could hold the game before Midnight, but I was not allowed to buy it yet.

Alot of people were buying the big Collector's Edition verison with a bunch of dumb ass stuff inside. Fuck that shit. I only pay extra for the id Software tins...

I waited for a half hour for the clock to hit Midnight. In line was the a expected clumps of 20-something guys with the occasional girlfriend tagging along. People were loudly discussing their experience in the Beta. What suprised me was the number of mothers there. There was at least a half dozen moms there with their young teen sons buying them Warcraft. Now that's love.

Just before H-hour, all 30+ front cashregisters were manned by Fry's staff. Since I had time to kill, I made the rough estimate that there was 200+ people in line to buy the game.

The watch on the lead Fry's drone hit 12:00Am and the selling began. I was in the first wave of 30 to hit the registers. Three minutes later I was walking by the Fry's Door Nazis with a smirk on my face as they asked me to show my receipt. Continued walking right out the door much to there chagrin.

Time to load the game...

Posted by michael at July 03, 2002 12:30 AM