June 27, 2002

As I wander around the net aimlessly, I see lots of cool things.

Some of these things are cool in a way that most would not think cool, like this and that.

There are plenty of things like Homestar Runner that everyone should laugh at heartily.

I see other weblog sites that have style like geekychick.net and brassjarproject.com.

When I look at Cruft it lacks the same kinda style. Not that I want to copy those sites. This page looks a little locked into the whole late 90s IE vs. Netscape era when the last vocal minority of pre-WWW internet users still held back the relentless assault of Flash and CSS.

I checked and the current cruft page has been basically the same for 2 1/2 years.

I guess I still believe in Jakob Nielsen's ideas on usability, but it's so fucking boring sometimes. I don't like to be fucking boring.

The time for change has come.

I don't know exactly what, but the wheels are in motion. It will probably involve the cruftbox.com domain I've had waiting in the wings for a while.

Stay tuned.

Posted by michael at June 27, 2002 10:06 PM