June 26, 2002

I played multiplayer Neverwinter Nights last night. I met up with a group of Yoshi's friends and we started playing on some server they knew of somewhere. We were all basically clueless as to what to do in multiplayer.

We found our way into the jail level and started killing. I could tell that most of them were EQ players since the wanted someone to 'pull' the monsters. We UO players never developed the 'pull' technique because it doesn't work so well in a isometric perspective game. In the NWN perspective, you have a good view of your surroundings and can see who's inbound from every side. In first person perspective games like EQ & DaoC, you can't see what's behind you easily, so everyone worries about pulling from the right direction.

Another factor is that the monsters typically cannot be soloed in EQ. In NWN, most of the low level monsters are easily soloed, but tend to attack in groups. UO players would have designated two players to the attack of the most powerful monster straightaway, while the rest of the group cleared the low level monsters and tossed heals.

After a while, the server simply evaporated. My wicked cool deer hat was GONE! Earlier, I had brought a NWN server on the girls computer. It's a 1GHz box, so in dedicated mode it's fine for running a server. It's called "The Kitty Server", since it runs on the girl's Kitty server. Everyone logged into the server and we started to play. I had to boot a random player that was killing all the NPCs and turning everyone evil. Muah-ha-ha-ha, the power of the console...

Enough, it's time to head to work...

Posted by michael at June 26, 2002 07:08 AM