May 17, 2002
More Vanilla Coke


Me with Vanilla Coke

I stopped by the Pavilions today on the way to work and found Vanilla Coke. It was kind of like a commercial. I walked up to the soda aisle and the Coke Guy was there, unloading soda onto the shelves.

Me: Hi, you got that new Vanilla Coke?
Coke Guy: We don't have the two liter bottles yet.
Me: Do you have any Vanilla Coke?
Coke Guy: Yes, but no two liter bottles of it.
Me: I don't really care about two liter bottles, anything will do.
Coke Guy: Oh, well the one liter bottles are up front in the cooler next to the register.
Me: Cool, thanks.

He then walks me over to the cooler. The Store Manager appears.

Store Manager: Can I help you find something?
Me: I'm just going to get some of this Vanilla Coke here.

I reach toward the cooler.

Store Manager: Vanilla Coke?
Me: Yah, you know, the new Coke flavor?
Store Manager: New flavor?

At this point the Coke Guy and Store Manager begin discussing Vanilla Coke and I sneak off to the cash register. They are still talking when I leave.

One Liter Vanilla Coke (not two liter)

How does it taste? Good.

I get Vanilla Coke at Soda Jerks in Pasadena whenever we go there, so the flavor is familiar to me. The slight vanilla aftertaste is the key.

Recently, I've been drinking Diet Coke, so a real sugar coke tastes quite sweet to me. I nursed the bottle all day long. I couldn't have stomached the entire bottle in one sitting.

In other news, I'm pondering another geocache tomorrow.

Posted by michael at May 17, 2002 04:36 PM