May 15, 2002

Yesterday evening I went Geocaching with the girls. It was a beautiful day and my eyes were tired of looking at computer screens. I had printed out the info to a cache near home in San Marino at Lacy Park. The difficulty level was low and looked like a simple start to our geocaching career.

I punched in the coordinates of the cache and got in the car to head off. I'm using a Magellan GPS Companion that snaps onto Michele's Palm V.

After futzing a round a bit with the GPS, I realized it would point me int he direction of the cache. My mistake was in not bringing a compass with me. Here we are around 400 feet from the cache.

The Cache!

We got within 20 feet of the cache when Zoe had to hit the potty. Did you know that the women's restroom in Lacy park is 436 feet from the cache? In any case, after a bit of wandering around we finally found the small, black cache in ivy.

The girls were quite excited about our 'treasure hunt' and were happy to grab a lobster bookmark and Play-Do squeezer and leave a bottle opener and Mickey Mouse doll.

Things I need to remember in the future:
1) Bring a compass
2) Make the girls pee before we go.
3) Keep the exchange gifts small.
4) Take a picture of the GPS at the exact cache location showing the position. The 'money shot' if you will.
5) Mkae sure everyone is wearing socks and good shoes.

We had a great time, and will be doing more...

Posted by michael at May 15, 2002 07:41 AM