May 13, 2002

I went to my parents house for Mother's Day yesterday. Just as we walked in the door, Zoe saw a lizard run in and into a corner of the front room.

Suddenly, the house was jumping with the thought of a lizard inside. My father looked under the lightstand in the corner and saw the lizard. "It's a big one.", he said.

Thinking a member of Gen X, I immediately went to get my mother's digital camera. Pictures are a must. My father then took this photo.

Soon the lizard was bolting away and off behind the display case when my mom keeps her good crystal. After a bit of prodding with a yardstick, the lizard again ran, but this time toward Dad. He caught the lizard bare-handed, ala Crocodile Hunter. The lizard proceeded to poop and and then bite him.

We tossed the lizard into a large soup pot, much to the chagrin of my mother. "I cook in that!", she said.

Outside we went to release the lizard. I think it's a skink actually.

Excitement over, I wanted to make sure I could get these images. It was at this point I learned that my parents had never downloaded anything off the digital camera since Christmas. There were 58 images on the camera.

While I was in my mother's office, I noticed this drawer.

Why she has a drawer full of broken reading glasses, I cannot fathom. There must be more than 25 glasses in that drawer. It seems to make sense to my mother and that's what matters. Also notice the Mac mouse in the drawer. I can't make the connection between the reading glasses and the mouse either.

Egads, is this where my life is headed? Strange collections in drawers?

Posted by michael at May 13, 2002 07:26 AM