May 11, 2002
Quilting Widower again

Michele is off for the day to some kinda fabic thingee. I don't even ask anymore.

I've got to do just a little shopping for Mother's Day. Everything is chosen, I just need to pick it up. If I time this right the girls should be in a good mood for it.

Hopefully we'll be home just after lunch and I can tidy up the house so I can have a relaxing evening.

A few interesting sites:
Slyck - file sharing
Being Daddy - a dad's weblog
Guy in a Suit - he's not really in a suit
Google Holiday Logos

Iced coffee craving level: High

Here he is, taunting me. Mr. Brown is pure evil, but I love him...

Posted by michael at May 11, 2002 10:02 AM