May 09, 2002
Pre-Lunch Update

Eye news: Doctor says I'll be fine as long as I keep dropping the stingy drops into my eyes. I'm getting a second opinion this afternoon.

Dr. Pepper Jello: It turned into rubbery finger jello rather than smooth delicate jello. Less gelatin, more Dr. Pepper. More experimentation needed.

Coffee: I was at the pharmacy getting more anti-biotic eyedrops and killing time when I spied a can of Starbucks Doubleshot in the drinks fridge. I could not resist this tempting tiny can of iced coffee. I bought the can, sat down on the bench outside and cracked it open. The first gulp brought back back the familiar coffee bitter and sugar sweetness flavor I have craved for years. Two more gulps and my precious iced coffee was gone. Immediately I had pangs for more. I had to resist. Two cans of this coffee nectar and I would be buzzing like a bad flourescent tube.

I must resist the Doubleshot. Getting back into the iced coffee habit would be Bad with a capital B.

Posted by michael at May 09, 2002 11:51 AM