May 08, 2002
I want new eyes

After much pain and waiting for new contacts, I went to the eye doctor today. I was told I have a corneal ulcer in my left eye.

The doctor was pretty concerned. You know it's serious when they start talking about statistics for long term damage rather than saying, "You'll be fine."

I was even more dismayed when he offered me Vicodin because these ulcers tend to get painful. Vicodin? WTF? That's some serious stuff.

Yikes! I have to put anti-biotic drops in my eyes every half hour while I'm awake. Under no circumstances am I to put a contact back into my left eye until I get the go ahead from the doctor.

I'm gunna go home this afternoon and give my eyes a rest rather than sitting teary-eyed in meetings distracted from the topic at hand.

Where are my new genetically engineering eyes grown from stem cells when I need them?

Posted by michael at May 08, 2002 11:31 AM