May 07, 2002
Work emails

Here's the type of good email I get at work:

In today's conference call.

1. We will be doing some testing.

2. We should collect the results.

3. Corporate Telecom is concerned we will blow out the network with our frivolous bandwidth hogging.

4. [name removed] likes to keep to his agenda, even if nobody else is paying any attention to it.

5. There are some guys at [name removed] that I will work with on this.

6. Fark has an item about Devo today, the comments thingee is considerably more interesting/funny than the actual item.

Here's the type of bad email I get at work:

I understand that you already spoke with [name removed] about this case.

As you know, the court has recently ordered us to produce the documents described below. Would you please forward this email to all those in your company that might have responsive documents?

Let me, or [name removed], know if you have any questions, or if you need help in gathering these documents. Thanks.

Posted by michael at May 07, 2002 11:27 AM