April 27, 2002
Bandwidth Consumption

I guess I am now realizing what it means to be slashdotted, even in a minor way.

On Thursday, I posted in a comment thread a link to the quicktime movie of me riding a Segway HT. In under three days, the link got over 5000 hits and used up over 11 gigs of data transfer bandwidth. My web host allows for up to 10 gigs of data per month after that it's 4 cents a megabyte. The quicktime movie is a little over 3 megs, so the extra charges added up quick.

I got up this morning and checked my email. I saw the note from the web host about the new charges for bandwidth. I was already $40 in debt by the time I read the email.

I've moved the page and movie to another site I own that has unlimited data transfer and used a redirect from the old URL. I'm sure the pace of hits will drop down soon, but for now I'm trying to avoid the $40 per Gig charge.

More news later, I have to go take a shower...

Posted by michael at April 27, 2002 09:16 AM