April 23, 2002

While Michele is away we have had a domestic disaster!

While I was cooking dinner, Zoe was standing at the sink. She wanted to help and wash off the dirty dishes in the sink. I warned her to be careful.

I turn my head back toward the stove and hear a small smashing sound. Zoe says, "Uh-oh! Um, Dad...". I spin around to see my beloved coffee carafe in the sink, missing the bottom. She dropped it and shattered the glass.

(No pictures. Michele took the digital camera to Paducah...)

I now face a decision. Buy a replacement carafe for $17 plus shipping or buy a new l33t coffeemaker from Target for $30. The original coffeemaker is $32...

I'm leaning toward the new maker since it has the timer function that will have the coffee already made as I wake.

Posted by michael at April 23, 2002 11:13 PM