April 07, 2002
Ahhh, broadband...

I can't concieve how people can be on the net without broadband. Modem access is simply suxxor. The Mirage Hotel, where I am staying doesn't have any internet access at all. They are teh suck.

I'm in Vegas for the NAB convention. Joy. Too bad Michele couldn't have come along. Vegas solo is not so much fun.

I had a quick dinner and Denny's (salad & Superbird no tomatoes) and went next door to the cinema to see Big Trouble. I have to say, it wasn't bad. Kinda like Get Shorty, but not as fast and sharp. In the middle of the movie my phone rang. Business at 8PM Sunday? Nope. It was my mother calling to chat. Sorry Mom, but for $8.25 for the movie, I'm going to watch it.

Walking back tot he hotel I stopped by a Walgreens to pick up a package of Listermints. Happily I found a diet food section and snatched some no-carb chocolate bars and Balance bars. After Saturday's crayfish boil, I need to get back on the Zone Diet.

Yes, the crayfish boil. My fraternity brother, Len had a big crayfish boil. I had never eaten crayfish before. There were SIXTY pounds of LIVE crayfish there when we arrived. Trust me, that is a shitload of crayfish. I took a bunch of pictures but I didn't have time to prep them and make a page.

Back to today... After Walgreens, I continued down the strip and saw the glowing neon words "Internet Cafe". Woot! I walk in sit down and the cool speed of broadband rolls over me.

Enough blogging, time to check my email.

BTW, Newspro 3.8 is markedly better than 3.7.

Posted by michael at April 07, 2002 09:19 PM