March 30, 2002
Book consumption

OK, Newspro is updated and I am good to go.

I have been considering new blogging software, but have no firm opinion yet. Movable Type looks interesting, but more research is order. My brother uses Blogger Pro on his blog and loves it. But I dunno. Running the weblog through a third party site is a little risky for my tastes. If anyone has an opinion, let me know.

Before the road trip I finished Sleeping Dogs. I liked it as much as Butcher's Boy. It is strange to be rooting for the hitman to get away in the novel. He is a stone cold killer, yet Perry makes him the protaganist.

In the condo we were staying at was a few shelves of crime/mystery novels. I picked up Maximum Bob by Elmore Leonard. I finished the book in a day (what else am I supposed to do while the wife is at the quilt show?). Leonard is a master of characters and dialogue, but in this novel he just didn't end it well. The pace and intertwining stories all kept me pulling through the novel, but the end was curt, unexpected, and left many loose threads untied.

Am I at the end of my reading binge? I dunno, I have another plane ride on Monday... The new Jedi Knight game arrives Tuesday or Wednesday, so I will be preoccupied soon enough.

Posted by michael at March 30, 2002 07:22 PM