March 27, 2002
Santa Fe

I'm in Santa Fe. I'm working off a sweet 24,000 baud modem connection. I miss broadband.

Well, the trip started off well.

Michele and I hopped into the Super Shuttle at 9AM and headed toward Burbank Airport. We get in line for the Skycap check-in and bask in the sun. When the guy takes our itineray, he says, "You flight is out of LAX, not Burbank..." Michele gets that 'I'm fucking pissed' look on her face and we head inside to the counter.

The Southwest people reticket us to leave from Burbank and after a cool $100 fix it fee, we are on our way. Michele starts to blame ME for the mishap. Supposedly, it's my job to check the tickets and realize that her telling me we are leaving from Burbank is wrong. I respond that she bought the tickets, not me, and she should know.

We get to the bar and both have a double Jack Daniels shot with a Coke back. The warm fire fills our bellies and we hop on the plane.

After a brief stop in Phoenix, we get to Albuquerque, rent a car and drive to Santa Fe. New Mexico looks dry and dusty. It's not hot, but I can't imagine it in the summer. I'm sure that the Sun will melt you.

We meet up at the quilting convention with Michele's friends and I get to enjoy the banquet. When the lights went down for the slideshow, I snuck out to a hallway and read my book.

Things not to do: Attempt to load a Fark page over a modem connection. It's been loading the page for about 45 minutes now...

Posted by michael at March 27, 2002 07:41 AM