March 20, 2002
Book Consumption

I finished up the Elmore Leonard book, Tishomingo Blues, that I had been reading. It wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was an interesting mix of civil war reenactment, high diving, and the dixie mafia. The ending put a nice twist on how I expected the book to end.

Continuing in my crime theme, I'm now reading Sleeping Dogs by Thomas Perry. It's a sequel to the out of print Butcher's Boy. I'm only on page 15, so no firm opinion yet.

I loaded up a box with linux at the office and it appears to be running fine. Supposedly, Evolution, the Gnome mail client, has connectors to Exchange. I intend to find out if it works.

BTW, I played Urban Terror last night. It appears that they turned Quake 3 into Counterstrike. I don't really like the graphic style, but the gameplay is good. Of course, it doesn't compare to Wolfenstein, but it's worth the download.

Posted by michael at March 20, 2002 07:24 AM