February 24, 2002
Another Book Down

I finished The Butcher's Boy by Thomas Perry today. The book is out of print and I had to order it used. He wrote a book called Metzger's Dog, also out of print that I read several years ago.

Butcher's Boy is about a professional hitman and a government crime analyst as they are involved in a series of events that occur. You get to see things from two angles. I recommend it.

BTW, Metzger's Dog is a fantastic book about a group of grifters that stumble across some special CIA paperwork and how they go about blackmailing the CIA. Good stuff. Not your traditional crime thriller. Much humor and 'hard-crime' details.

On the gaming front, I am having tons of trouble getting Dark Age of Camelot to work. Damn connection problems. To top that off my old UO guild, BLD appears to have finally completely disinegrated, tempting me to return and set things right... Must resist UO... Must level up in DaoC...

Posted by michael at February 24, 2002 03:46 PM