February 16, 2002

In the last week, I finished two books. I read All Tommorrow's Parties and Fallen Angels while I was in New York and finished them up this week.

All Tommorrow's Parties is by William Gibson, the seminal cyberpunk author. All Tommorrow's Parties is the third book in a series GIbosn began with Virtual Light and Idoru. The series is not a tight trilogy, but the same characters do run through all novels. ATP was a fun read, but I'm not so sure of Gibson's message. Is it "Wealthy bad guys fail in plans" or "Big changes coming that will surprise us"? In any case, current readers of the cyberpunk genre will enjoy the novel.

Fallen Angels appears to be written as a thank you science fiction fans. I like the work that Niven & Pournelle did in Mote in God's Eye and The Gripping Hand, but this book falls a bit short.

It's a more a story about wouldn't it be great if sci-fi fans were important and more that just people who liked books. Toss in a plea for simple resuable spacecraft, a hatred of radical environmentalists, and imagined culture of space society and you have Fallen Angels. The book is not earth shaking in any way, but will kill a few hours.

Ok, I have to go play with the kids now....

Posted by michael at February 16, 2002 07:32 AM